• Revelution is the revolution of revelation - this art work serves as "the magazine for revelation of truth". In the edition I chose for my diplom work, the magazine deals with the theme of the "german subculture turkey". It can be be seen as an agitation against the still remaining falsified general ideas of "turks", especially in germany. The humanistic art work in form of a newspaper as a serious magazine is directed against the polit-medias, which make the living together of germans and turks in germany impossible. E.g. a hidden racist campaign and transferred representations of turkish exaggerated polit-medias are the reason for senseless thoughts of rush, which are established in the naive-unknown politics of migration. A splitted society will be decoded, the meaning of the word "culture" and its weight referring to claims of great differences through this word are shown up. Misunderstandings are been cleared up and there are hints for socializations. In addition to this, the magazin clears up, that the state of turkey is one, which is established from very different ethnies and therefore a multiracial state. The very unknown and uncritic majority of humans in germany is informed about the fact, that there is no homogenic ethnies.

Diploma work "Revelution", 2009.

"Without titles", 2000-2005.

"Blue Book" (Theme was to create a book with one basic colour), 2008.

  • The concept of the magazin “Empathy“ is based on the idea of simplify the immerse of the reader in different roles, e.g. in a role of an ill person or a person, who is desocialized from society. The topic of the edition I chose, is “perception“ and its disorders. It gives the reader an idea about the inner world of an enormous (emotionally) stressed human. Explanations of possible consequences of symptoms and phenomenons (syndroms), how they appear in a migraine attack, are given through graphic illustrations next to a loose and easy-to-read layout. Moreover optical illusions and their deceptions referring to human brains are shown up. Central theme of the magazin is the human being, its emotional world and the abilities of negative emotions.

"Empathy", 2008. Free magazin art work.

"Empathy" Covers for further editions: Orientation and Intelligence

"Music", 2008. This booklet is a part of the packaging series for the metalband "One Bullet Left". (See "Packaging")

"Scheherazade", 2006. Folder for a chocolate assortment. (See "Packaging")

"Music", 2008.

  • For the theme "music" I designed a set of commercial things in form of a campaign. Besides these two packages I also created a website and posters for One Bullet Left. I was motivated to make a whole campaign for this newcomer metal band, because my brother is a member of it.


Another package for "One Bullet Left". This one is more compact. 2008.

  • The urge to create something with ornaments made me be in a seminar for designing an assortment for chocolate packaging. "Scheherazade" is a character in "One Thousand and One Nights" and stands for "the chocolate of the orient.

    This assortment includes six flavours with a delicate and spicy taste of orient: ajowan, saffron, cardamom, curcuma, cumin and star anise.
    In addition, these flavours are also created in concept for cocoa.

"Scheherazade", 2006. Chocolate packaging.

Posters for the theme "music" (58,6 x 23 cm and 59,4 x 65,4 cm).

"Music", 2008. Layout for a band website. Click to website

"Color", rapid swirling blue ink in orange-coloured water, photomontage series, 2004.

Selda, 2007.

"Chaos and order," car rollover on TV, 2004.

Identity, 2004.

Lisa, 2008.